How to fix Quickbooks error 80070057?

Have you run into the error of the Quickbooks Error Code 80070057. It can get seemingly difficult to get out of it. There are indeed many users facing the same issue. So here, we are with the solution of what to do when you run into this specified error. In simple plain words, when a user is opening the company file away from the host computer where the original file is, or when a user is opening it away from the usual work system, the error occurs. The message usually shown is that the parameter is an incorrect error 80070057.  It is indeed very common and faced by the majority of users. Mostly, such a type of error occurs when you are trying to open the company file. Various factors trigger this error. It will discuss all such factors in the article ahead. Usually, when the error occurs, messages like “80070057 parameter incorrect  or you do not have the sufficient permissions.” “ there was an unexpected error reported while trying to run QuickBooks,” “ 80070057 parameters detected as wrong,” “ you do not have sufficient permission to delete the files” All such types of messages or dialog boxes appear. When you see these,  quickly understand that this is the 80070057 error and start working on it. You need to take the steps according to the error.

What is Quickbooks Error 80070057?

Quickbooks Error 80070057 is one of the most common errors. It is generally faced by QuickBooks users when trying to make any changes in the company file. Parameter incorrect is the usual message which is shown when the error happens. You can particularly fix this error by carrying out the steps mentioned in this article. Continue reading the article and find out about various methods to solve the error, the symptoms of the error, what triggers the error.

How to find out if Quickbooks error 80070057 has happened?

  • Suppose the company file stops working and collapses suddenly, or it shows the not responding message. Then the Quickbooks error 80070057 happened.
  • If you suddenly see the dialog box popup on the screen that the parameter is incorrect, then Quickbooks error 80070057 has happened.
  • If your system suddenly freezes, stops working when you are particularly working on the company file, then you can conclude that the Quickbooks error 80070057 has happened.
  • Suppose the program window crashes or repeatedly is working slow and not working like usual with the error. If the response by the system is very late and sluggish, then the error has occurred.
  • If the system is often crashing and you do not have the permission to delete the company files message, Quickbooks error 80070057 has happened.

Factors causing Quickbooks error 80070057.

  • According to most people and observations regarding their receipt of the QuickBooks error 80070057, the most common reason is the wrong firewall and internet settings.
  • If due to some personal error, the.ND file gets damaged in any way.
  • If you are trying to open the portable file without actually keeping the Quickbook application open can trigger the error to occur.
  • If there is a virus in your computer or somehow your system got corrupted, it might affect the Quickbooks files and make them corrupt. These corrupt files, in turn, cause the QuickBooks error 80070057 to occur.
  • Sometimes, the company officials such as the accounting department or the technical department bring changes such as changes of the company file extension. The use of the old extension can cause the Quickbooks error 80070057 to occur.
  • If file extensions are wrongly named, then the Quickbooks error 80070057 can occur.
  • If the third-party firewall is not optimized properly and proper configuration is not done, the Quickbooks error 80070057 can occur.

How to Solve the Quickbooks error 80070057?

Now, we have completed discussing why the Quickbooks error 80070057 occurs and what might be the potential reasons when to identify if the Quickbooks error 80070057 has occurred or not. We have also seen how to identify if the Quickbooks error 80070057 has occurred or not. Now, let us see the various methods of how to fix the Quickbooks error 80070057.


If you properly open the company file, then this error will not occur in the first place itself. You can avoid the error, and It can save you time.

  • Many times instead of opening the correct company file, you might have pressed on some other file out of ignorance and careless activity.
  • First, carefully open the Quickbooks desktop by clicking on it.
  • Now, choose the correct company file to open.
  • Now, click on the open option, which is the first to right-click on the file to open.
  • NOTE If the company file is stored In some remote system, opening it would be different from this method.


You need to move the company file to its default location to make it work properly. Someone by mistake might have changed the location where the company file was previously. You  need to follow the steps and bring it back to its default location/

  • If you have kept the Quickbooks desktop file open, then you need to close it first.
  • Then,  go to the location and drive where the company file is stored on your computer.
  • Now, right-click on the company file, and you will see various options. Choose the copy option.
  • Now, the default location of the Quickbooks company file is in the C drive. Inside the C drive, go to users, public, public documents, Intuit, QuickBooks, then company files. Paste the file you have selected here. It is the default location of the Quickbooks company file.
  •  Now, you can open the Quickbooks desktop and select the company file where you have pasted it in the default location, just in the previous step.
  • Choose the correct file from the local drives in the same order as discussed above.
  • Then, click on open

In conclusion, these are some of the most effective methods used by the users, and hopefully, they should be able to solve your issue. If you still have some issues feel free to ask any experts or your friends if they encountered the same issue and how they solved it.

QuickBooks Error 80070057

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